TeakLand Panama was founded in 2003, focusing on the final product commercialization of Granadis Tectona wood (Teak) to see that market was controlled by no correct price in the country of origin.

Creating a decrease investment in the production for the teak plantations in Latin America

With the view to opening new markets for wood grown in Central American countries, we have focused on the exportation of teak as a final goal.

Why Teak?

Teak wood is fast growing, with beneficial results in 12 years and can be marketed at 20 years, normally, as adult, is resistant, used for exterior and interior.

The timber export is copyrighted by the proper institutions in each country of origin.

Teak replaced wood consumption, natively, national and internationally.

Avoid cutting the forest and selling timber from native forests, jungles, etc. Which are in danger of extinction.

Teak was named by the Kyoto summit, where it was decided that subsidiary to third world countries to create wooden organized plantations in some way contribute to stop the timber logging.



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